About Energy Medicine​

Energy as Lightning

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Energy healing has existed among many cultures throughout the world. Each culture creating a systematic approach with their own labels and classifications of energy. For example, in India, “prana” is the equivalent of qi (sometimes spelled chi) and the far east Indian system works with “chakras.” The Japanese refer to energy as “ki”, the Iroquois, “Orenda” and the labels go on and on with each culture. 

The foundation of my work is based on Chinese Energetic Medicine referred to as “Qigong.” This modality is an ancient energy practice originating in China. The literal translation is energy (qi) skill (gong) with skill inferring a high level of ability. Qigong drives to integrate the mind, body and breath through exercises that enable one to cultivate “qi” over time.

As qigong has evolved over thousands of years, a multitude of approaches have been created each with their own purpose and forms of energy cultivation. For example, martial qigong utilizes qi for combat applications. Spiritual qigong supports the awakening journey for higher levels of consciousness. Medical qigong harnesses the power of qi for healing purposes. 

Qigong is highly documented and has proven to be effective in many ways. To learn more about this amazing system of energy medicine, explore the references listed below: