Client Testimonials

Clients consistently provide positive feedback from their energy sessions. A sample of Client testimonials can be seen below…


A discussion with a client on their Qigong Healing Experience.

Remote sessions conducted 2,000 miles apart in the USA and Canada

“I had a great experience working with Craig Cooke as my energy healer over the last couple months.  We did six sessions together, and every session my third eye kept opening up more, meditation kept getting deeper, synchronicities increasing, and most importantly reducing the traumas through his energy work calmed me and helped with my chronic pain from my car accident.  He also cleaned my chakras and worked on my pain spots every week and I felt so good after every session.  The pain has been less extreme and I hope to still get a tune up once in a while.  Considering that we worked over Zoom in different countries, it still worked and I felt amazing all around. Thanks Craig!”

~ Jason G.

“Hi Craig, thank you so much for the session today. I feel totally refreshed.”
~ Chris H.

“Craig’s been guiding me through my Qigong journey and it’s been changing my life!”
~ Henry P.

“Hi Craig, It was so good to see you! Thank you again. I have felt really charged up with good energy and forward flight. =) Renewed, refreshed. Thanks to your help.”
~ Ron M.

“Just hung up with my mom telling me how great today was and how she feels great! She says thank you again to you…Thank you for your amazing work ”
~ Frankie C

“Hi Craig. Thanks again for the session, I definitely feel a difference in my energy level and mood 👍🏻😀”
~ Susan M.

“Thank you! I took a 2 hour nap 😳😊and that never happens. I was able to let go of some of my heavy stress…I’m super happy with the results from today. Thank you💗🙏🏼💗”
~ Sandra O.

“The qigong session yesterday was awesome, I can’t get over the amount of circulating energy I felt during and after the session…Your “Automatic Art” scribbling was amazing as well.”
~ Steve H.

“I’m doing great! I saw a friend after my session and she said I had good energy :-). …I was so impressed with the reading you did for me too! Very very cool and impressive. It’s was a super interesting experience.”
~ Courtney K.

“Good morning Craig, I wanted to thank you for our session. We all felt great afterward..we are all interested in more sessions”
~ Rose H.

“Your work was amazing and noticed my energy level is slightly higher than before. Also, I used to have pain near my heart at times but don’t seem to feel it anymore. Somehow you’ve really pulled it out of me! May I have another session with you in the near future? “
~ Mary W.

“Craig, the following day has on both occasions, been an absolute sense of well being.
For me, that is fantastic. fyi – I played tennis, Friday evening, Saturday morning, Sunday morning and then again tonight, so whatever you did to my knee, it has worked !!!!! Thank you !!!
~ Laurie M.

“Dude okay dude that thing is crazy I’ve been in such a good freaking mood even the kid that’s like my daughter was like dude why are you so happy? I feel
good. I worked out for like 2 hours, felt great. I took a huge like incredible nap, crazy. Seriously dude I feel like great. It’s crazy. I’m not as stressed. It took me till about 2 hours ago til like totally realized it [then the next day]…Dude, still totally noticeable I just worked out way harder”
~ Vince P.

“Hi Craig, I feel a bit lighter and not riddled with so much anxiety. Thank you for having me in for a session. Hope to see you soon.”
– Carol J.

“I have had a lot more energy than before I was feeling a bit dull. I definitely want to come back and have a few more :-)”
~ Stephanie P.

“After we left the session on Saturday I was so so relaxed, even my arms felt like jello when I was driving home. I still cant believe how my right hand lifted during the session. I have never experienced anything like that before and it was great! Thank you so so much for the great experience!”
~Valentina V.

“Thank you again for the session the Universe is definitely spinning in my favor.” `
~ Carl Y.

“I’m feeling very good since the session…I’ve been practicing qigong for over twenty years and I so appreciate coming across someone like yourself who gives of themselves to help others.”
~ Stan Y.

“Hey Craig, thank you again for the session the other night. Feel like a new person now and really grateful for that!”
~ Evan R.

“Overall, I feel calm and less on edge. I feel at ease.”
~ Jamie V.

“I really enjoyed the session. It made me feel both energized and peaceful at the same time. Thanks for sharing this unique healing method with me.”
~ Joanne G.

“Good morning, Craig. I have felt really good this week, in general…I have reflected a couple times on my experience/journey during your energy work.”
~ Greg O.

“I have really felt so refreshed since the qigong. I had a 12 hour round-trip drive to Phoenix and I felt like it was easier to keep a clear mind and not spin out, which occasionally happens when I’m alone with my thoughts for so long. I also feel more in control of remaining steady and clear when thoughts arise. It’s felt more like a birds eye view. I really look forward to the next time. :)”
~ Lark K.

“I feel good! Very relaxed..But overall body feels good and I feel more focused.”
~ Dr. Justin C.